FTI are delighted to promote the products and services of Theris Nanotechnology


Crafting Precise Coatings Using Charged Nanoparticles


Theris Nanotechnology offer a wide range of UHV Nanoparticle deposition equipment. Designed with total user control in mind, enabling the creation of ultra pure and size selected nanoparticle films and the additional options of creating alloy and core-shell nanoparticles. Theris custom software allows simple control of cutting edge and complex process.



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Theris was founded by a team with more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative instrumentation for the thin film deposition market. They combine extensive expertise in nanoparticle formation and deposition with a broad understanding of all common deposition techniques (including PVD, ALD, MBE, PLD), allowing their team to advise on the ideal equipment configuration and offer help with subsequent process development.

Theris offer tailored research solutions to help customers to realise their research goals rather than simply selling off-the-shelf instrumentation and they will be more than happy to recommend any bespoke solutions or design work which they feel will best meet the aims of the project, and offer global product support.


You can see the Theris Nanotechnology Product Range (NanoStreamS, NanoStreamT and QNF Mass Filter) -> HERE


Theris Nanotechnology can help with many applications:

The unique method of nanoparticle generation, which allows pure films of size-selected nanoparticles to be deposited, lends itself to a wide array of applications which cannot be accomplished using chemically-grown or self-assembled nanoparticles. The additional feature of using acceleration to tailor the density of the films, adds another layer of control over the films and further broadens the range of applications, including;


  • High-efficiency photovoltaic Films

  • Battery storage

  • Gas and liquid sensors

  • Catalyst research

  • Medical devices

  • Nano-porous films for selective gas or liquid permeation

  • Alloy nanoparticles

  • Core-shell particles

  • Ultra-pure, size-selected particles

  • Compacted nano-porous films