FTI has a library of technical information relating to gas and fluid control that you might find useful. Please click on the link below and you will be taken straight to the relevant page within our FlipBook of Technical Data Standard Thread Sizes Conversion Factors Corrosion Data Gas Compatibility Data Semiconductor Gases & Properties Gas Cylinder Connectors Abbreviations & Symbols Glossary of Gas Terms Regulator Maintenance

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Ham-Let Twin FerruleTube Fittings Let-Lok Stainless Steel Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings Brass Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings Monel, Nickel-Copper, Hastelloy Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let Single Ferrule Fittings One-Lok Stainless Steel Single Ferrule Compression Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let PipeLine Instrumentation Fittings Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let 37º Flare Fittings Stainless Steel 37º Flare Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let HTC Fittings High Technology Component Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let Ultra High Vacuum Fittings Stainless Steel Ultra High Vacuum Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let Ball Valves H-6800 Ball Valves; H-800 Compact One Piece Ball Valves; H-500 Three Piece Ball Valves; H-700 Two Piece Ball Valves flip pdf
Ham-Let Toggle Valves H-1200 Toggle Valves flip pdf
Ham-Let Metering Valves H-1300 Metering Valves flip pdf
Ham-Let Check Valves H-400 Check Valves flip pdf
Ham-Let Relief Valves H-900 & H-900HP Relief Valves flip pdf
Ham-Let Excess Flow Valves H-911 Industrial Excess Flow Valves flip pdf
HD Series Diaphragm Valves HD20 valve series   pdf
Ham-Let Filters H-600R & H-600 T-Type & In-Line Filters flip pdf
Ham-Let Quick Release Couplings Stainless Steel QC-Lok Instrumentation Quick Connectors flip pdf
Ham-Let Ultra Clean Diaphragm Valves Standard Performance Ultra Clean Valves; High Pressure Ultra Clean Valves; Metal Seat Ultra Clean Valves; High Pressure Metal Seat Ultra Clean Valves; HM Series Ultra Clean Valves; Multi-Port Monoblock Valves flip pdf
Ham-Let Vent Protectors Vent Protector Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let Sample Cylinders Stainless Steel Sampling Cylinders   pdf
Ham-Let PushLok Hose Fittings Stainless Steel Push Hose Fittings flip pdf
Ham-Let Pneumatic Actuators Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuators flip pdf
Ham-Let Pneumatic Actuators 180° Ham-Let 180° Pneumatic Actuators for use with their T Port Valves flip pdf
Ham-Let Installation Instructions Installation Instructions for Let-Lok, One-Lok, PipeLine, HTC, H-300 Needle Valves, H-400 Check Valves’ H-500 Ball Valves, H-700 Ball Valves, H-6800 Ball Valves, H-900 Relief Valves, H-600 Filters flip pdf
Quality Assurance Ham-Let quality assurance certificates flip pdf
Ham-Let Cleaning Procedures Cleaning procedures relating to standard cleaning   pdf
Cleaning procedures relating to oxygen cleaning   pdf

Tubes and Clamps

Tube & Clamps Booklet Stainless Steel Tube, Copper Tube, Nylon Tube, PTFE Tube, PVC Tube, RPVC Tube, PFA Tube, Tube & Pipe Clamps (Stauff Equivalent), Hose Clips flip pdf
Stainless Tube Pressure Data Maximum allowed working pressures for metric and imperial stainless steel tube   pdf
Fixing Tube ClampsData for positioning of tube clamps depending on size of tube   pdf

Gas Regulators and Accessories

Gas Regulator Catalogue Brass Regulators, Stainless Steel Regulators, High Purity Regulators flip pdf
Gas Cylinder Connectors Gas Cylinder Bottle Connectors for DIN477, BS341 & CGA flip pdf
Special FTI Regulator Connector Converts 3/8 regulator outlet to either ¼ or 1/8 tube stub for connection to Let-Lok type compression fittings   pdf
Gas Cylinder Racks Cylinder racks to safely store between 1 to 4 gas cylinders flip pdf
High Flow / Pressure Regulators Gas bottle regulators specifically designed for high gas flow and high pressure applications.   pdf
Heated Regulators Electrically heated regulator for use with Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Argon (Ar) and all inert gases (including Nitrogen N2).   pdf
Pipeline / POU Regulators Range of gas regulator for point of use or pipeline outlet applications specifically designed for high gas flow rates   pdf
Flash Back Arrestors Safety Relief Valves for use with Gas Regulators and gas delivery systems flip pdf
Diaphragm Valves Diaphragm Valves for use with Gas Regulators and gas delivery systems flip pdf
Flowmeters Variable area flow Flowmeters flip pdf
Pressure Gauges Pressure Gauges for use with Gas Regulators and gas delivery systems flip pdf
How To Choose The Right Regulator Information relating to choosing a gas regulator flip pdf
How To Choose The Right Gas Panel Information relating to choosing a gas regulator panel   pdf
Guidance on Maintenance Information relating to gas regulator maintenance   pdf

Flexible Hoses

Flexible Hose Booklet Stainless steel braided PTFE lined high pressure flexible hoses, Polymeric hoses for inert gases, Flexible metal hoses for inert & corrosive gases flip pdf
Vacuum Pressure Hose Maximum allowed working pressures for metric and imperial stainless steel tube   pdf

Vacuum Components

Vacuum Components Catalogue KF, CF and ISO vacuum components flip pdf
Vacuum Gauges Vacuum Gauges   pdf
Vacuum Pressure Hoses Vacuum Hoses   pdf

Other Products

Pneumatic Products Pneumatic Products – Air Preparation, Sensors and Switches, Solenoid Valves, Process Valves and Fittings flip pdf
Process Products Stainless steel process fittings and stainless steel ball valves flip pdf
Tools Tube cutting and bending tools   pdf
Valves & Fittings Training Example of FTI valves and fitting training course flip  

Technical Information

Technical Information Types of Threads, Gas Compatibility Data, Corrosion Data, Semiconductor Gas Properties, Gas Cylinder Connectors, Abbreviations & Symbols, Glossary of Terms, Conversion Factors flip pdf