SS-Subsea-Gas-RegulatorsFTI offer a range of gas regulators designed and tested for subsea applications requiring steady outlet pressure under decaying inlet pressure, and protection of the system in case of failure or leakage from the pressure let down.

The regulator design incorporates a combination of a pressure reducing valve and a back pressure valve to provide an accurate control range with minimal deadband. The pressure reducing portion includes a ‘balanced main valve’ to ensure steady outlet pressure – even with decaying inlet pressure.

Two pressure regulators have been developed and tested; the COM-540 reduces pressure from 300bar to 200bar, and the COM-301 reduces the pressure further from 200bar down to 25bar or 40bar.

All units are preset and fitted with anti-tamper devices to ensure only authorised persons can service the regulators. The design includes a sealed spring chamber to ensure the pressure set topside is maintained at the preset values – irrespective of the depth of seawater.

Each regulator is function tested over 20 times to check for repeatability and stability at the specified set range, and externally pressurised to simulate the depth of seawater to 300m.

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