Rough Vacuum Pumps

Rough Vacuum Pumps

Agilent is able to offer a  range of vacuum pumps starting from atmospheric pressure until better than 0.5 mbar (abs).. This is thanks to a complete rotary vane single stage pumps portfolio with a sizing from 4 m3/h till more than 1.000m3/h.

In addition, we are able to increase the flow rate and final vacuum of these backing pumps using a combination with roots pumps assembled in series.
This technical solution offers the opportunity of creating customized vacuum systems according to the customers needed.

Starting from the production metioned at the beginning we are able to supply a specific product line made according to the Atex standard. These products are normally used in hazardous areas where European Community created specific safety standards.

To complete the product offering in the Rough Vacuum market we are able to offer a dry solution as well. In applications where the final vacuum is not a must we can offer claw pumps too.

This technology is without ordinary maintenance and it is welcome where maintenance costs are an issue for an end user. These are normally applications where the pump has to work a lot of hours per day (Hospitals, Pick & Place centralized systems, vacuum convey, etc.)


Rotary vane vacuum pumps
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

These pumps are reliable, simple to install, user friendly and easy to service.

Rotary lobe vacuum pumps
Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pumps

They are mainly used as boosters to increase the capacity and the vacuum of the backing pumps.

Rotary claw vacuum pumps
Rotary Claw Vacuum Pumps

These pumps are almost service-free therefore their operation is extremely economical.

Vacuum systems
Vacuum Systems

We offer numerous vacuum systems suitable for different industrial applications.


Accessories for vacuum pumps
Accessories for Vacuum Pumps

A full line of simple or sophisticated accessories is available to complement our pumps.