FTI continues to develop its manufacturing capabilities. We regularly manufacture over 380 separate items, with our manufacturing business generating 35% of our company turnover.

We run our manufacturing systems through an ERP2 System, to ISO 9001 Accredited Standards and incorporating Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Principles.

We have worked with major customers on the bespoke design and development of products used in key analytical, automotive and medical applications.

We have experience in Outsourcing projects and have been successful in cost reduction, quality improvement and re-location of production to UK.

Our main capabilities are:-

Gas Control PanelsGas Control panels

FTI supply off the shelf gas manifolds from Gas-Arc (see Gas Regulator Section of the website)

We also specialise in working with our customers on the design and manufacture of bespoke panels that combine both gas regulators and flowmeters that are used for calibration purposes.  Whether the panels are a one off requirement or will be required on an on-going basis we are keen to be involved. 

FTI have worked on panels of all shapes and sizes, many also including an element of electronics sub assembly work for the control of solenoid valves, alarms and heated cables.


CNC Machining


CNC 1FTI specialise in small production runs and prototype work using our CNC Lathe and CNC Mill. 


CNC 2We work with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, brass, PTFE, PEEK, Delrin.





FTI offer turntable and manual TIG welding of both bespoke machined parts and tube assemblies.  The parts are cleaned using a TIG brush, polished and ultrasonically cleaned prior to packing.  FTI also offer orbital welding which creates a neat, leak tight, almost un-noticeable joint for customers who are working with toxic gases, mass spectrometry, semi conductor and nanotech applications.


Silver SolderingSilver Soldering

FTI solder a variety of precision stainless steel assemblies on tube sizes 1/16” through to 3/8”.  Our soldering often includes the use of high purity face seal fittings, tube bends and integrated filters.  Our assemblies are all then polished, cleaned, capped and bagged.


Tube Bending & PreparationTube Bending

We can prepare (cut and de-bur), bend and pressure test tube assemblies ranging from simple 90 degree bends to far more complex arrangements, customers who use this facility reduce complexity in their supply chain (very often ordering one part number rather than tube and fittings) and save both time and labour costs in production, with the added benefit of an individually bagged and tested assembly.


Regulator AssembliesRegulator Assemblies

We can build regulator assemblies to match customer requirements; these may include bottle connectors, outlet isolation valves, outlet fittings, gas hoses, inlet filters and pressure relief valves.

We have also assembled regulators in carts and panels for medical use.


Electro-Mechanical AssembliesElectro-Mechanical Manufacturing

Working within RoHS designated areas and using ESD protective equipment we manufacture and test and certify (with full traceability) electro-mechanical assemblies.


Flowmeter Panelsflowmeter panels

Our flow meter panels complement our instrumentation and gas control panels, used where laboratories require booth accurate flow and pressure.


High purity assembliesHigh Purity Assemblies

We offer a service of manufacture of high vacuum / high purity or highly toxic assemblies using HTC / VCR® components.


Orbital welded assembliesOrbital Welded Assemblies

Orbital welded assemblies create a neat, leak tight, almost un-noticeable joint for customers who are working with highly toxic gases, mass spectrometry, semi-conductor and nanotech applications. We manufacture assemblies from a simple mini tube run to highly complex assemblies.


special cleaningSpecial Cleaning

We have an in-house cleaning process to ensure products are free of grease and other residue which are used in customer of FTI assemblies. This process has also been approved by major customers as “safe for use with oxygen” applications.

We can also supply ham-Let fittings cleaned for oxygen service direct from the factory on a special order bases (OC product).


Pressure testingPressure Testing / Relief Valve Setting

Using calibrated equipment monitored through our ISO procedures FTI can pressure test and certify gas panels, sub-assemblies and relief valves to ensure the products are leak free and set correctly prior to being despatched.


CadCAD Capabilities

We can help with the design of your bespoke panel or assembly and provide a CAD drawing for your approval or to give you an appreciation of the dimensions and look of the finished article.


SSWe use Sold Works 3D modelling.


Special Fittings and Vacuum ScrewsSpecial Fittings / Vacuum Screws

We manufacture a broad range of “special” fittings often reducing the requirement of two or more standard fittings (Christmas tree effect). Talk to us if you have any requirements.

We also manufacture Vacuum Screws (see separate web page).

We can also supply tube and fittings in special alloys (such as Hastelloy and Monel).