The H-900 series is a relief valve for low pressure service. The valve is normally closed. It will open when the system pressure reaches the set level. It will re-close when the system pressure falls below the set level.  


High Pressure Relief Valves – H900-HP


  •  St.St. 316 Construction
  • MAWT up to 6000 psi
  • Set Pressure from 50 psig to 6000 psig ( 3.50 to 414 bar)
  • Identifying colored springs for each pressure range
  • Replaceable springs for variable pressure ranges
  • Available in all pipe threads and LET-LOK® connections
  • Option to comply with standards CE/PED
  • Sizes range: 1/4″,1/2″, 6mm and 12mm

*Maximum Allowed Working Pressure

Pressure Ratings

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pdfFor further details on the full range please download the Pressure Relief Valves product overview brochure – HERE




High Pressure H900
High Pressure
Low Pressure H900
Low Pressure