pfa-tubeFTI supplies a wide range of Imperial PFA Tube (standard sizes 1/8 to1/2 OD) and Metric PFA Tube (standard sizes 6 mm to 12 mm) and in the choice of 10 or 25 metre coils.

PFA is similar in many ways to PTFE fluoroplastic tubing in terms of broad chemical resistance & wide temperature range (-60°C to +250°C) however, PFA tubing does not cold flow; has superior mechanical properties with regard to temperature versus pressure; exhibits much lower gas diffusion through its wall and has greater optical clarity than PTFE.

PFA’s properties are similar to those of PTFE: universal chemical resistance; excellent weathering characteristics; low coefficient of friction & outstanding electrical insulation performance. PFA is almost completely chemically inert & non-wetted by fluids such as water. The absorption of organic liquids into PFA is unusually low and the diffusion/permeation of gases through the wall of PFA tubing is also at very low levels making it an ideal choice for fluid / gas handling applications.


Our full range of PFA Tubes can be viewed herepdficon.