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Ham-Let are a “fit, form and function” offering the user a direct alternative that can be interchanged and intermixed at a competitive price.

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About Ham-Let

  • Established in 1950
  • Supplier of industrial and high tech compression fittings and valves
  • Traded on TSE since 1994 (Ham-Let)
  • Worldwide Manufacturing, Distribution and Marketing infrastructure
  • Certified for ISO-9001, Lloyds TNO, S.A.E. & CE Standard, MIL-F-18866, ASME and ASTM
  • Presently operates 240,000 sq. ft. manufacturing complex with Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms

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Oil & Gas Industries

Ham-Let Oil & Gas IndustriesFrom exploration through refining, from crude oil through high octane fuel, the oil and gas industry requires the highest level of flow control components to achieve the high standards of reliability, corrosion resistance, vibration, temperature cycles and pressure surges. Offshore rigs, refinery plants and gas handling systems are all highly sensitive to reliability and safety issues.Ham-Lets products for the industrial applications are designed to meet and exceed these standards.


Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor IndustryThe highest standards of cleanness, leak-proof and corrosion resistance are typical to the continuously growing semiconductor industry. The highly toxic and flammable gasses which are used in the manufacturing process of flash memories, logic processors, photo voltaic cells and many other semiconductor based products, guide the industry to set a wide range of standards for the gas and liquide flow control components. To support the required flexibility, production standards and quality control. Ham-Let operates a separate unit to support customer’s needs for advanced engineering and fast changes inline with stable and reliable production disciplines


Process Instrumentation

Ham-Let Process InstrumentationProcess automation, monitoring and control are achieved by using various types of instrumentation systems.These systems share a common need for flow, pressure and temperature control. High performance components are required to satisfy the need for safe, reliable and maintenance free equipment.


Power Generation

Ham-Let Power GenerationThe common types of power generation are based on principals of energy conversion. Water and steam are used as energy “carriers” between the different stages of electricity production. The power industry is facing an increasing demand for higher levels of efficiency, emission control and safety, which leads to higher requirements for mechanical and chemical endurance from tubing and flow control components.


Solar Energy

Ham-Let Solar EnergyThe important growth of renewable energy sources is supported by Ham-Let in the two main areas of Photovoltaic production and Thermal Solar energy plants.


Pulp & Paper

Ham-Let Pulp and PaperThe efficient and economical operation of hydraulic, pneumatic and steam-based systems, which are used in the pulp and paper industry is based on a reliable, high quality fluid control components. By using Ham-Let’s compression fittings and industrial process valves you will be able to concentrate on the important tasks of improving production efficiency and avoid un-necessary maintenance tasks.


Food & Beverage

Ham-Let Food & BeverageThe special needs of the food and beverage industry are derived from the essential processes of sterilization, pasteurization, cleaning, packaging and bottling. Ham-Let’s components will provide the best answer to these needs with the highest level of cleanness and mechanical performance.



Ham-Let Chemical IndustriesHighly corrosive, toxic and flammable fluids are commonly used in the chemical and petro-chemical industries. Increasing demand for safety and reliability requires the highest level of flow control components manufactured and supplied by Ham-Let. Sensitive equipment for analytical and process control applications must be hooked up with the most reliable and easy to use components.



Ham-Let PharmaceuticalThe biopharmaceutical industry has its unique requirements due to the need for cleanness and sterilization while maintaining the mechanical properties of the instrumentation components.


Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical InstrumentationCooperation with the manufacturers and users of Spectrometers, Chromatographs and Liquid Analyzers enables Ham-Let to develop special components for sampling and real time measurement systems. Leak-tight and clean sampling systems are one of the keys for accurate process control


Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Natural Gas

Ham-Let Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Natural GasFuture resources of alternative clean energy are one of the most important economical activities of the industrial world. Hydrogen systems and fuel cells production and usage, create new technological challenges for high pressure gas systems designers. The extremely high pressure of a flammable gas requires creative solutions, which are based on years of experience in different industrial and engineering field. Ham-Let is continuously expanding its product certifications to ECE R110 and ISO 15500 standards for use in Natural Gas and Hydrogen applications.