trainingFTI offer a training course on Ham-Let twin ferrule valves and fittings that are specifically tailored to employee requirements, on the safe use and installation of tubing and fittings.

The course is designed to be done at the customers premises, based on 8-12 candidates per session.

Overview of training course content:-

  • Tubing – Correct handling, selection and preparation
  • Installation of Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings – theory and practical
  • Thread Forms – Identification and sealing principles
  • High Purity HTC Face Sealing Fittings
  • Interchange & Intermix – the safety aspects involved
  • Tube Bending – theory and practical
  • Theory Examination
  • Practical Session – preparing a test loop for pressure test
  • Open Session – Q&A’s

Introduction to Valves

  • Valves – when to use a needle valve and when to use a ball valve
  • Needle Valves – the different types available and how to choose the correct stem type for your application
  • Ball Valves – the different types available – which seals and seats to use for your application
  • Check and Relief valves – how to select these parts and use them as safety devises
  • Filters – T Type and Inline – which is best for you?

What some of our customers have to say about our training:

Learning Development Consultant (Safety) – Major London University

“Imperial College have worked with FTI on a regular basis and we have been pleased at the professional training our postgraduates have received. The delegates have benefited from the theoretical and practical aspects of the pressure fittings course which has improved their knowledge base and ensured that they are able to work safely at the College. FTI has offered cost effective training and have been flexible in their approach to meet our needs. We have no hesitation in recommending FTI and using them in the future.”

Laboratory Supervisor – Fuel Cell Company

“FTI’s professional trainers deliver to our catalysis research team the confidence and practical skills required to safely work with our high pressure reaction systems. Following completion of two fittings training courses at Oxford Catalysts facility the knowledge imparted by the FTI trainers has resulted in greater overall safety awareness and improved technical ability within the team, many of whom are novices concerning the practical elements of operating pressure systems. I can recommend the course that FTI offers as it is a high quality method of transferring pressure systems basics to employees.”