To complement our Non- Refillable Gas Cylinder range FTI offer a selection of laboratory cylinder regulators for use with calibration and special gas mixtures.

FTI-FF100BVariflow Regulator (Model FTI-VF-100B or FTI-VF-100SS)

This Variflow Regulator can be set to a number of fixed flow specific settings between 0.5L – 5.0LPM. It fits a C10 valve for both our non-refillable and refillable cylinders. Available in Brass (B) or Stainless Steel (SS) versions.


FTI-ODFROn Demand Flow Regulator (Model FTI-ODFR)

This Regulator is for use with instruments that utilise a pump to draw calibration gas It’s ideal for use with non-reactive gases H2S and SO2 mixtures, and fits a standard C10 valve.


FTI-FF20Fixed Flow Regulator (Model FTI-FF20)

This Regulator fits our 12 Litre Non-Refillable Cylinder which has a screw thread valve. Its features include: – On/off valve with mini flow meter. – Septum for syringe use.



FTI-FF100SSFixed Flow Regulator (Model FTI-FF100B or FTI-FF100SS)

This Fixed-Flow Regulator fits our 112, 103 and 60 litre non-refillable cylinders, as well as the 34 Litre Aluminium non-refillable cylinder. It features an on/off knob with cylinder pressure gauge, and fits a standard C10 valve. Available in Brass (B) or Stainless Steel (SS) versions.


FTI-FF120Fixed Flow Regulator (Model FTI-FF120)

This Fixed-Flow Regulator is designed specially to fit the 34 Litre Steel Non-Refillable Cylinder. Similar to the FF100, it features an on/off knob and a cylinder pressure gauge. It fits a CGA600 connection.