FTI are pleased to announce Ham-Let’s new high-quality industrial hose offering with the introduction of our new Rubber Hose assemblies and components line.

The new HAM-LET RHG rubber hose line is designed for:

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Shop air systems
  • General industrial use

HAM-LET RHG rubber hoses are to be used with HAM-LET HOSE-END™ fitting and are available as factory tested and ready for use assemblies or as components for field assembly.

Hoses assemblies:

  • Any length (long assemblies might be spliced).
  • Any end fitting selection out of our wide range and more.
  • Assembled, tested, cleaned, and packed per EN16643:2016

Additional technical information is available from the following pdf Catalogue download: