FTI Team ValuesThe values that FTI work towards as a team are:-

Total customer satisfaction

Develop long term commitment and close working relationships by offering first class customer service in terms of communication, technical advice, elimination of errors and having a “friendly” working ethic.

Top quality products and services

Products and services that exceed customer expectations in terms of value for money and that help them drive cost savings within their business.

FTI are registered to ISO 9001:2015 – please click here to view our certificate.

Continual Improvement Culture

Work on improving systems, removing complexity, supplier relations, staff knowledge and competences.

Hopefully from our website you will have a good feel about the professionalism and values of FTI that we live by as a collective team, so, we thought it would also be good to give you a bit of an insight into us as individuals – so here we are in 20 words / phrases.

If you would like to make direct contact with any member of the FTI team please don’t hesitate to email us using the links below:-


 James Dalby

Supply Chain Supervisor & IT Coordinator – james@ftipv.com

Hard working and determined, gamer, rock and heavy metal fan. I can’t start the day without drinking a nice strong coffee, I enjoy spending time with my wife Ashley, my children Jessica, Jack and Michael, seeing family & friends, tweaking or adding parts to our smart home, watching documentaries or adult cartoons (Bob’s burgers or South Park are my current favourites), Animal lover (we currently have 1 cat, 1 rat and over 20 fish) lover of all things chocolate and rum.



Millie Davis

Lead Production Technician

I’m a country bumpkin, very outgoing and a self-proclaimed neat freak (which isn’t easy with a nearly 1 year old baby). I love learning new things and researching online, but also love cooking and baking (life is so much better with pudding). I love chilling at home with my husband Paul, and son Liam, but also love going out with friends for drinks and laughs. I’m a huge animal lover, music lover (rock music being my favourite) and Netflix binge watcher.



Matthew Fahy

Production & Quality Supervisor

I am a hard worker and have a natural passion for engineering. I always work to my best ability, no matter the situation. I am studying for a degree in engineering in my own time to boost my knowledge and skills in the subject. In my spare time I mostly watch films and play some video games. I am very keen at going to the gym regularly and pushing my body’s limits. However, I always have time to spend lots of time with my family and pets. I am a very social person and always try and maintain a positive mood around others.



Jenny Flynn

Sales Administrator & Marketing – jenny@ftipv.com

Proud owner of two little people who continue to make me laugh everyday. I am very social and love being out and about doing anything or nothing. Coffee by day and gin (mostly) by night, however, a perfect rainy Sunday would consist of red wine a cheese board and board games! I love watching a good rom-com or Marvel/DC films, spending time with my family and going to the theatre – Les Misérables is my favourite and The Phantom of the Opera is next on my list!



Joe Harrington

Sales Supervisor – joe@ftipv.com

I am huge fan of travelling and seeing all the exotic places the world has to offer. A lot of that has been with my fantastic Fiancée Charlotte. My hobbies include fitness training, a new interest in golf and socialising with friends and family (especially if it involves a glass of red or an ice-cold Guinness). I love to binge watch TV series, am a huge lover of blockbuster action movies and also enjoy almost every music genre. Fan of all things engineering related and really into cars, motorsport or anything that goes fast and loud! I am a massive foodie and love to cook and experiment with different cuisines at home.



Summer Higginson

Sales Consultant – summer@ftipv.com

One of my favourite things to do is socialise and drink cocktails with my friends. If I could have any superpower, it would have to be invisibility… especially with how nosey I can be. One thing I cannot live without is my family and close friends and of course an occasional Chinese takeaway. Something I’d love to get rich by doing full-time is shopping. If I ever won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy would be an apartment in Dubai Marina. After living there for two years, I’d love to go back and use it as my winter getaway. I love to travel and would hope that one day I’ll be able to say that I have visited all 7 wonders of the world. I am friendly, positive and always ready for a new challenge.



Vicki Hitam

Sales Order Planner – vicki@ftipv.com

Happy me = Matt and our four boys, food, camping with friends, family holidays in our caravan, reading (would love to run a book shop with a coffee shop inside!), nights out and holidays with the girls, wine & gin, Strictly, Bake-Off and getting to bed by 9pm!




Sue Key

Financial Controller – sue@ftipv.com

Tea in a fine bone china mug or Tanqueray N° Ten with fever tree Mediterranean tonic depending on the time of day.  Wish it, dream it, do it – life is about experiences not material objects.   Holidays, short breaks or day trips – there’s a big wide world out there.  Family times with Nigel and our 3 adult children. My heart belongs in Somerset in the City of Wells.  I’m an organised, helpful, friendly person who realises the importance of positive energy and laughter.



Karl Kingston

Sales Director – karl@ftipv.com

Love seeing my kids smile and watching them grow (although it makes you realise just how quick time goes), managing to find some quality time with my wife, The Jam & Paul Weller, Liverpool FC – the Kop in full voice still makes the hairs on my neck stand on end, Make new friends but keep the old (these are silver those are gold), Cycling, Real ale, Photography, Justice for the 96, Red wine – Italian Primitivo (try it!), White wine – Sancerre, Hendricks G&T, Can do / will do, Curry with friends, Crime novels, Driven to succeed, Loyal, Respectful, Dedicated, Self motivated, Italy – especially the proper pizza.



Chris Lee

Production Technician 

TV and films: Sci-fi, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Big Bang Theory, Top Gear, Plebs. astronomy, computer games (COD, World of Tanks, Plant V Zombies, Minecraft), music (Lily Allen), swimming, golf, running, cycling, air shows, making things (RC models (boats, tanks, cars)), engineering.




Harry Marchesi

Lead Production Technician 

Love a social, with mates or family. Always trying to bring a positive vibe, and wanting to improve all the time. Rugby player with a love for fitness and weightlifting (although have played pretty much any sport you can imagine) and I’m INCREDIBLY competitive. Have passion for travelling and will always want to see more of what the world has to offer. Go-to meal would be a rare burger but any form of food is enough, as long as there’s a lot of it and it’s served with a cold corona and lime!



Robert McCourt 

Production Technician 

I’m a big nerd so I love spending time playing games and chatting to my friends on my pc. My main games at the moment are War Thunder, Hunt Showdown, Elden Ring and a variety of strategy games. I also enjoy making and sometimes painting models from a variety of different tabletop games such as Warhammer, Black Seas, Star Wars Legion and many more. For sports I enjoy clay shooting and archery. I have a cat called Charlie who I love very much. I’m also interested in history.



Andrew Parker

Managing Director – andrew@ftipv.com

Sian, Mollie, Josh  & Humphrey of course, Guinness & fine red wine – in fact all red wine!, Curry & Chinese – in fact all food!, Rugby – in fact all sport (obviously apart from horse racing!), Massive waves, BBQ’s with good friends, Always wanting to be just a bit better, A great book, Romantic, Sad love songs – soppy I know, Cuddling, Brain teasers, Dreaming about free diving, A passionate kiss, Vale De Lobo – my perfect place, The Sunday Times – and the dream of having time to read it. 



Mark Pickering

Production Technician 

Growing up in a household of scientists but wanting to roll up my sleeves and make things, it was probably inevitable that I would be drawn to engineering. Leaving college with a broad mechanical, electrical and aeronautical qualification, I was very lucky that FTI were recruiting. I am in my element when surrounded by machines and enjoy the working environment. I love it when I look at something I have made. In my spare time my two main passions are skiing and gaming. I have skied every year since I was 6 years old.



Mark Pitman

Production Technician 

Ever youthful eldest member at FTI. Married with 4 boys, a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel and a Cavachon. Keen mountain biker, motorcyclist and gym goer when injury allows! Favourite food has to be Indian & Thai. Guinness, Jack Daniel’s, red wine and a fine Cognac are my Achillies heel. Best decade has to be the 80’s. Favourite island  Kefelonia, Greece. Love is: a winters night in with my lovely wife, log burner on, take away, wine and a film of her choice and me eventually falling asleep! 



Andrew Reed

Sales Consultant – a.reed@ftipv.com

I am a friendly, loyal, hardworking guy. Family time at the weekends with my partner Claire and our daughter Millie is really important to me. Like to catch up with mates over a Beer. Enjoy a good takeaway as much as the next person. A good Film or Tv Series. Hobbies, Fishing is a big passion of mine when time allows. Sometimes just being by the lake fresh air, nature and the peace and quiet is enough. Love all things Football but my playing days are over.



Sarah Robertson

Logistics Lead – logistics@ftipv.com

I LOVE LIFE and all it has to offer. I am the youngest of 9, and I love spending as much time as possible with my family, my husband, my cat, and my friends. My other loves in life are, music and going to big concerts, going to the cinema. Travel is also a big part of my life, from a day out site seeing, to a full-on tour abroad. Our best holiday was driving Route 66 for 3 weeks, as my birthday treat. I want to see and experience it all. I also enjoy sports, football (Manchester United especially), International Rugby, Tennis, MotoGp. I do like to try and keep fit (ish) when time allows, and work off my love of good food, and the odd gin, or red wine.


Ian Willison

General Manager – ian@ftipv.com

Paula, Alex, Anna and Jasper the dog. My man cave and the beer I brew from scratch within it. OCD (Obsessive Car Detailer) I just love that shiny period until our weather wrecks it (although, rain means beading!). Nearly all sports, but particularly football, rugby, athletics, tennis and swimming . Assistant manager for my sons football team. Competitive, formula 1, superbikes, pretty much all motor sports. Guylian shell chocolates, Curry’s with a bit of bite! BBQ’s, especially my rotisserie. Skiing, I don’t fall often but when I do it’s normally spectacular. Walking with or without family / dog, time to appreciate things more. Physical geography. Space and contemplating that we aren’t alone. A “7 habits” ambassador. I want to be the person my dog already thinks I am.