Korvus Hex Modular Deposition System

korvusModular Thin Film Deposition Systems for RF & DC Sputtering – EBeam Evaporation – Thermal Evaporation – Organic Evaporation – Research & Development – Teaching – Lift-Off – Metallisation

 FTI are working in partnership with Korvus Technology to promote and market the HEX benchtop thin film deposition system. The HEX platform offers an un-matched level of user control and customization, designed to incorporate the latest thin film technologies and performance into a bench top platform. It can be operated both manually and automatically with a huge range of sources and system options. Its modularity and ease of use make it the ideal tool for clean rooms and training programs.

The HEX has been developed with student training in mind. Its modular construction allows various key elements to be exposed, discussed and interacted with, enabling student laboratories to fully explore the mechanical, material and growth elements of thin film research and nanomaterials.

The HEX’s ability to be quickly reconfigured at low additional expense allows it to provide easy training on a reproducible and recognizable platform for various deposition/coating techniques ranging from sample preparation for surface analysis to e-beam, sputtering, thermal, organics (for OLED research) and a range of other thin film deposition techniques.

Some of the typical applications for the HEX thin film deposition system are listed below, however the modular design of the system allow it to be reconfigured in minutes and ensure that it can be used for many more applications.

Typical Applications

Typical Applications

  • Sample preparation
  • R & D development of new coatings
  • Electrical contacts
  • Sputter deposition
  • Teaching and training
  • Lift-off

The wide range of deposition sources including single and four pocket e-beam evaporators and RF and DC sputtering sources, mean that the HEX can provide the solution a huge variety of coating and research issues. Please contact us for further information and data for our Sputtering, E-Beam, Organic and Thermal sources.


pdficonFor further details please download the Korvus Hex Modular Deposition System 


TESThermal Evaporation Sources

For simple evaporation of materials from resistively-heated boats.

The HEX TES includes a single thermal boat source, allowing integration of a range of thermal boats and filaments. The source is simple in operation and provides efficient evaporation at low cost.

Thermal Evaporation Source Data

Boat/Filament Length: 1 7/8″ (Standard)
Max Current: 100A
Boat Material:   Ta, Mo, W

Fission Magnetron Sputtering SourcesFission – Magnetron Sputtering Sources

For magnetron sputter deposition of metallic materials

The HEX system is designed to be an effective sputtering system for deposition of a wide range of thin films.

 We offer sputtering sources with 1″ and 2″ diameter targets. The sputter sources are equipped with SmCo magnets and accept targets with thickness ranging from 1 to 6mm. The typical target usage is around 43% for non-magnetic materials.

The HEX Fission includes a shutter assembly and gas injection lines mounted onto the source mounting plate for clamping onto the side panel.

The N-Type connectors allow the HEX Fission to be configured for DC sputtering. The system geometry may accommodate up to three sputtering sources, which provides the opportunity to carry out co-sputtering of various materials and deposit multi-layered coatings.

Fission Data

Target Diameter: 2″ (50mm)
Max Target Thickness:   6mm
Cooling:  Water (0.5l/min)
Gas Feed:   Integral, through gas hood


TAU – Mini E-beam Evaporator

For the evaporation of refractory materials or highly-controlled sub-monolayer films

The HEX TAU mini electron beam evaporators are employed to give maximum control of the evaporation rate at low fluxes and, importantly, to minimise contamination of the vapour stream for sensitive application areas such as surface science or thin-film doping. The construction of e-beam evaporators should therefore be aimed at maximising the evaporation control and minimising contamination. Both 1 and 4 pocket versions are available enabling co evaporation.

Electron beam evaporation is employed to provide a vapour stream from materials commonly difficult to evaporate with standard thermal techniques. An energetic electron beam is targeted onto the source material which has the effect of increasing the temperature. There is no intrinsic limit to the temperature which can be attained using this method, in contrast to conventional radiative or indirect resistive heating processes.

ORCAORCA – Organic Evaporators

For the evaporation of organic materials

The HEX ORCA source enables the evaporation of organic materials. The source uses active crucible cooling to allow excellent temperature control even at low temperatures (200-300° C). Embedding of the thermocouple within the crucible allows extremely accurate temperature monitoring.


QCMQuartz Crystal Monitors

Thickness & rate monitoring

The HEX QCM enables the monitoring of deposition rate and thickness for all of the sources in the components range and is available in both manual and fully automated versions.


samplestagesSample Stages

Basic, rotating, heated and cooled stages

The HEX can be configured with four sample stages. All the tables feature a convenient stand on the top of the system enabling simple sample exchange and preparation.

Basic – The basic, static sample stage can accept sample holders for 4 inch, 2 inch or multiple smaller samples.

Rotating – The rotating sample stage features a convenient, removable rotation actuator which will allow rotation from 2-20rpm.

Rotating/Heating – The rotating heating stage gives allows rotation from 2-20rpm and heating to 300°C.

Cooling – The cooled stage offers direct water-cooling cooling of the sample mounting stage, preventing overheating of sensitive materials during deposition.