Ham-Let launches new range of Pressure GuagesIMP Series – Industrial Mechanical Pressure Gauges

The Industrial Mechanical Pressure Gauges are measuring devices constructed from high quality materials, by the highest quality standards and methods.

The IMP gauges guarantees long lasting usability with high durability for in-door and out-door industrial, process and instrumentation applications.

During the centuries many techniques to measure pressure have been developed. Each technique has different advantages and disadvantages, in aspects of: range, accuracy, sensitivity, durability, and dynamic response.

The most old measurement device, is the liquid column, which is a vertical tube filled with mercury. It was invented by Evangelista Torricelli in 1643 and it is known also as the “Manometer”. Today there is a wide range of pressure measurement devices in the market: mechanical devices, electronic devices and transmitters.

Ham-Let IMP gage is a mechanical pressure measurement device used for various industrial needs, such as control rooms and maintenance stations. Ham-Let IMP gauges are based on the Bourdon Tube principal.

The Bourdon Tube is a “C” shaped tube that tends to straighten when it is pressurized. The “C” shape of the Bourdon Tube is aimed to magnify the strain of the tube material. Eugene Bourdon invented and patented his gauge in France in 1849. Since then the Bourdon Tube was strongly adopted due to its unique linearity, sensitivity, and accuracy.