Consistent with its principles of always striving for improvement through efficient manufacture and innovative design Ham-Let brings to the Analytical Instrumentation market another design first – the Metering Ball Valve (MBV).

MeteringBallValveThe MBV is a compact combination of high precision sensitive flow regulation and leak tight soft seal shut-off valve.

The heart of the MBV is a patent pending design that allows the user to achieve various control configurations – a very fine and sensitive needle for flow regulation and calibration plus a diverting option for shut-off or full-flow position.  Operation is achieved without loading or damage to the sensitive regulating needle giving consistent repeatable operation with a long life.

The MBV is a major advance over the traditional solution typically replacing two components (shut-off valve and metering valve), it removes two potential leak paths and offers a considerable space saving whilst also reducing, system weight, dead volume, footprint and installation time plus increasing ease of maintenance.

In addition to the dual manual version (manual metering and manual shut-off), all MBV series configurations can be offered with a manual metering calibration and air operated shut-off control.

MeteringBallValvesThe MBV series is pressure rated up to 2,000psig (138barg), temperature rated up to 300OF (148OC), various end connections are available (male and female taper threaded, Let-Lok® double ferrule compression and HTC® face seal), sizes 1/16″ to 3/8″.  A choice of three precision stem tapers enables manual metering control as low as Cv=0.0001 up to Cv=0.15, manual and optionally actuated diverting control is also available.

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