FTI are pleased to announce the New Ham-Let Plug Valves, the PLV Series. Please click here for full details.

The PLV Series offers a manually operated plug valve providing tight shut-off and forward throttling capability. This series features low operating torque, and a wide variety of configurations. Easy kit maintenance and replacement while providing long life cycle service.

The plug valve is rated to 3,000 psig, making it suitable for multiple industrial and analytical applications, such as:

  • Chromatography
  • Sample stations
  • Purging and cooling systems
  • Pilot plants
  • Test benches
  • Control panels

Main benefits of the Ham-Let PLV Series:

  • Passivated wet parts for better corrosion resistance
  • Option for FDA compliance
  • Western and European raw materials
  • 100% pressure tested
  • Butt-weld end connections option
  • Full bore
  • Directional handle

Click here or on the icon below to view the catalogue 

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