pressureregfilterUsing a pressure regulator? You need a pressure regulator filter. Classic Filters’ range of filter housings will give you all the protection you need.

Inlet Protection

Most pressure regulators have a small diameter flat filter disc installed into the inlet port. Usually of a grade of 20 or 25 micron, these discs have a very small surface area and tend to block quickly if there are solid particulates present. The location of the inlet filter disc makes servicing a time-consuming chore and the compression fitting needs to be removed from the inlet port to gain access to the filter disc.

pressureregfilter2A filter housing from Classic Filters used as a pressure regulator filter it greatly improves service life because the surface area of the filter element is so much greater than normal. Servicing is also easier for particulate filter types, with access to the filter element made easy by the simple removal of the filter housing bowl.

High Flow Rates & Longer Service Life

If the inlet filter disc installed in the pressure regulator is removed then the flow rate will be increased – in which case a filter housing is essential to give protection to the regulator.