FTI offer a range of high pressure compressed gas cylinder storage brackets for the safe storage and use of compressed gas bottles.

Advice on storage of compressed gas cylindersAdvice on storage of compressed gas cylinders

FTI supplies a wide range of gas regulators and associated products to many applications which are handling high pressure gas cylinders, including welding and flame cutting applications, chemical processes, medical, research laboratories, gas installers and contractors. We also supply many hospitals and medical care homes who want to ensure safe storage of their gas cylinders.

Accidents involving gas cylinders can cause serious injury or even death – these notes are offered as guidance (based on information from the HSE) for the safe storage of gas bottles.

  • Compressed gas cylinders should be securely restrained to ensure that they cannot fall from their vertical storage position.
  • Store gas cylinders in a dry, secure area on a flat surface in the open air. If this is not reasonably practical store in an adequately ventilated building specifically reserved for this purpose.
  • Gas cylinders containing flammable gas are not to be stored in part of a building used for any other purpose.
  • Protect gas cylinders from external heat sources that may adversely affect their mechanical integrity.
  • Gas cylinders are to be stored away from sources of ignition and other flammable materials.
  • Gas cylinders are to be stored on a surface which is free draining.
  • Store gas cylinders where they are not vulnerable to hazards caused by impact (e.g. from vehicles).
  • Toxic and corrosive gases are to be stored separate from all other gases by at least 1m.
  • LPG cylinders must not be stored within 3m of any compressed gas cylinders (including acetylene). The separation can be relaxed when the quantity of LPG stored is less than 50kg.


Universal Gas Cylinder Wall BracketUniversal Gas Cylinder Wall Bracket

  • Polyethylene single cylinder (up to 305mm diameter) wall bracket
  • Units can be joined for a continuous run
  • Saves on floor space by allowing cylinders to be stored against the wall safely
  • Universal gas bottle storage brackets


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