servomexIn November 2010 Servomex awarded FTI with their highly prestigious Vendor of the Year Award for “Excellent Operational Performance.” FTI found themselves top of Servomex’s Vendor Rating League Table which takes in to consideration: Quality Systems, cost/price, parts per million rejects, technical help for development project and overall commitment to the partnership. FTI worked very closely with Servomex Quality and Engineering Departments adopting many of their Six Sigma processes and systems in order to gain this top of the table position.

Servomex have been a customer of FTI’s for over 8 years, initially supplying only the Ham-Let range of valves and fittings, however more recently the two companies have been working much more closely together on sub assembly work, panels and cabinets.

One of FTI’s Directors, Andrew Parker, was delighted to receive the award and was invited to speak at the annual Vendor Day about how strong the partnership between the two companies had become and how it had benefitted both parties. Andrew also discussed the massive amount of work and commitment that the whole team at FTI had put into working with Servomex in their open book and total quality system approach to working with their vendors.