Cylinder Compressed and Liquefied Gases Safety Training Course 



PGS-2016-logoFTI have partnered with PGS Ltd, one of the UK’s leading training companies to offer our clients Nationally Accredited Safety training for users of Compressed & Liquefied Gases at preferential rates.

PGS provide training, information & support so risk is minimised, resulting in an assured workforce and a safer workplace.

Compressed Gases Safety Training

This training course delivered at your location through a blend of classroom & practical training, provides learners with an understanding of the hazards and properties of compressed gases used in industrial and laboratory applications.

Who is the course for:
This course is suitable for all those working with compressed gases and associated equipment commonly used in applications such as calibration, packaging, production and analysis.

This training is nationally accredited by EAL & certified by the CPD standards office to provide 4 CPD learning hours.

Why training:
This training ensures your organisation complies with obligations to train all staff exposed to risk. Attendance gives staff information to understand the specific hazards associated with compressed gases such as Nitrogen, CO2, Hydrogen and Argon and other gases used in Laboratory or Industrial applications, resulting in an assured workforce and a safer workplace.

Additional modules available:

  • Cryogenic gases
  • Accumulators & Gas Manifold Systems

What’s included?
Each Learner Receives:

  • Accredited Certification and Passport Card valid for 3 years
  • Supporting documentation
  • Access to 3 year technical support

Management Receives:

  • Detailed feedback on delegate performance for inclusion in company training records
  • A summary of learner opinions of training
  • Relevant updates on gas legislation

Classroom Session 3.5 hours

Interactive training on Compressed gases and equipment used in a laboratory environment with topics including:

  • Operator behaviours
  • Gas properties & hazards
  • Flammable toxic & special gases
  • Cylinder identification & data
  • Gas equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • PPE
  • Cylinder storage & handling
  • Legislation & Codes of Practice

Practical Session allow approximately 1 hour
Learners will be given the opportunity to undertake:

  • Before-use checks including leak checking
  • Regulator fitting
  • Manual handing of cylinders

PGS have a reputation for excellent customer service & outstanding quality of training. They help companies implement and demonstrate effective control of their compressed and cryogenic gas products and systems and we offer them complete training packages which incorporate both the end user and management.

PGS take pride in understanding the training needs of the customers, the service they offer is designed to do far more than simply train the end user, they offer free technical support for up to 3 years post training and we will go out of their way to help resolve any issues pertaining to the use of compressed and/or cryogenic gases.

PGS have individuals with years of relevant industrial and teaching experience which has enabled them to build a robust portfolio of training options that can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

All the training is accredited by EAL and the CPD Standards office, EAL is the leading awarding organisation in our sector. To meet their exacting criteria PGS follow strict guidelines in the content, administration & delivery of our training and are regularly assessed to ensure compliance.

Certification is available as a Nationally Accredited QCF Level 3 Award, the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK.

PGS’ core business is onsite training but they also offer the flexibility of open events across the UK and a fantastic e-Learning platform!

If a more bespoke training plan is required then we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Call FTI on 01892 669939 for more information or contact PGS direct on 01606 872864 – please mention that you are an FTI customer for preferential rates