CF Vacuum Components

The CF components comply with ISO 3669 standard and up to NW 200 are compatible with ConFlat® flanges and CF flanges of other leading manufacturers.   While there is no general standard for CF flanges, essentially two “standards” have come into

ISO Vacuum Components

The ISO range of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality 316L (1.4404) stainless steel. All shown configurations use an ‘O’ ring seal (made of Nitrile or Viton) held in place by a centerring ring. Tightening pressure is exerted with clamps,

KF Vacuum Components

  The KF range of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality 316L (1.4404) stainless steel.  KF flanges utilize an aluminium clamp with a single wingnut fastener allowing frequent dissassembly without tools. The vacuum seal is effected by uniform applications

Vacuum Vented Screws

FTI are able to supply vented vacuum screws with no minimum order quantity, at a very competitive price and quick lead time. Why Use A Vacuum Vented Screw? A vented screw has a hole drilled through its axis and thus

Vacuum Valves

Vacuum Valves

Agilent offers a range of vacuum valves that are engineered for reliability, performance, and value. These valves also optimize conductance, operate in a wide variety of applications, and employ a minimum of moving parts. This reduces wear and particle generation

Vacuum Measurement

Vacuum Measurement

Agilent vacuum gauges and controllers are reliable, accurate, and cost-effective tools for measuring and controlling vacuum pressure in a wide range of applications. Agilent features pressure measurement technology designed for challenging industrial environments: simplicity, rugged design, plus ease of service