Ham-Let TBV Trunnion Ball Valves

The Trunnion Ball Valve (TBV) provides a solution for pressures up to 10,000 psi and temperatures ranging from -17°C to 230°C. They provides reliable shut-off and switching function for high-pressure service. All ports are rated to the full operating pressure

Ham-Let ASTAVA Manifolds

Ham-Let offers a broad range of 1,2,3,4 & 5 instrument manifolds, available in a selection of materials and fully compatible with the requirements of the oil & gas, petro-chem and chemical industries. We offer valves and manifolds as well as

Ham-Let Flange Adapters

The Ham-Let Flange Adapters offer a wide variation of sizes, end connections, sealing faces and choice of material. See pdf download for full details    For ordering information and further details on the full range please download the Ham-Let Flange

Ham-Let Metering Ball Valves

The award winning Metering Ball Valve from Ham-Let allows the user to combine shut off and full flow control with one valve, saving space – the ultimate solution for precision flow control On/Off and Metering service PFA Encapsulated Ball Stem

Ham-Let Hose Connectors

  Ham-Let offer a complimentary range of hose end connectors ideally suited for the use of rubber and soft plastic hoses on low pressure systems on Let-Lok or threaded stainless steel. See pdf download for full product range details  

Ham-Let Weld Line Fittings

The New Ham-Let range of Weld Line fittings offer the user the following items in the choice of various weld types:- Elbows Unions Crosses Tees Connectors See catalogue for full range Click to enlarge image.   For further details on

Ham-Let Vent Protection Fittings

  The Ham-Let VEP Vent Protector is used to protect tube systems that are open and exposed to atmospheric pressure. They are used to stop debris and insect entering the system. The stainless steel mesh is sized to 40 microns

Ham-Let UH Line Fittings

The Ham-Let ‘’UH’’ Series is designed for ultra high-vacuum systems.   Finger-tight assembly (with knurled nut) Easy removal, easy repositioning in a system Helium leak tested to 4X10-9 ATM.cc/sec Maximum temperature: 242°C Available factory assembly for many HAM-LET Valves: Ball

Ham-Let One-Lok® Single Ferrule Compression Fittings

The Ham-Let OneLok fittings are a single ferrule version of the LetLok twin ferrule fittings  – designed for leak free use in high pressure systems. See catalogue for details on specifications, how to use and how to order. ONE-LOK® is designed

UCV – Ultra Clean Valves

Catalogues For further details on the full range please download the UCV – Ultra Clean Valves product overview brochure – HERE For further details on the full range please download the Monoblock Valves product overview brochure – HERE   Order Information