FTI offers a full range of gas cylinder connectors conforming to British Standard BS341.

Our range is available in Brass, Nickel Plated Brass or Stainless Steel.

Further information on the range and a gas reference chart can be seen below and also in the product data sheet that can be downloaded here.

If you cannot see a bottle connector that suits your requirements or you are unsure of what you need please contact us.

FTI also specialise in the supply of Gas Regulators and High Pressure Hoses for use with the gas and cylinder connectors.

Tech Master (Grade 99.995%)

Lab Master (Gas Grade 99.999%)

Spec Master (Gas Grade 99.9999%)

Chem Master (Gas Grade 99.9999% – Full Stainless Steel For Toxic and Corrosive)


The following diagrams show the configuration of various BS341 cylinder connections.



Gas BS Gas BS
Acetylene 4 Hydrogen Chloride 6
Air 3 Hydrogen Sulphide 15
Allene Iso-Butane 4
Ammonia 10 Iso-Butylene 4
Argon 3 Krypton 3
Arsine 4 Methane 4
1,3-Butadiene 4 Methyl Chloride 7
Butane 4 Methyl Mercaptan
Butenes 4 Monoethylamine 11
Carbon Dioxide 8 Monomethylamine 11
Carbon Monoxide 4 Natural Gas 4
Carbonyl Fluoride Neon 3
Carbonyl Sulphide Nitric Acid 14
Chlorine 6 Nitrogen 3
Cyanogen Nitrogen Dioxide 14
Deuterium 4 Nitrous Oxide 13
Dimethylamine 11 Oxygen 3
Dimethyl Ether Phosgene 6
Ethane 4 Phosphine 4
Ethyl Acetylene Propane 4
Ethyl Chloride 7 Propylene 4
Ethylene 4 Silane
Ethylene Oxide 7 Silicon Tetrafluoride
Halocarbon-14 6 Sulphur Dioxide 12
Halocarbon-22 6 Sulphur Hexafluoride 6
Helium 3 Trimethylamine 11
Hydrogen 4 Vinyl Chloride 7
Hydrogen Bromide Xenon 3