boc-hiqBOC HiQ speciality gas mixtures for chemical composition analysis, clinical applications and quality-critical manufacturing are all supplied to the highest standards of purity and are quality-assured by the ISO 9002 standard and by ISO 14001 for their environmentally-friendly manufacture.

The BOC database of gas mixtures contains over 30,000 individual product recipes written by BOC technical experts within strict quality and safety guidelines to provide you with the gas product required to meet your needs.

BOC certify their speciality gas mixtures as standard to an uncertainty of +/-5% and up to +/-1% or better depending on your accuracy requirements. Their certified gas mixtures are traceable to internationally recognised standards at the state of the art filling plants in Morden and Immingham. Their alpha volumetric and alpha gravimetric certified products are traceable directly to NPL standard masses.

For the perfect choice of Gas Regulator for use with the HiQ BOC gas range, FTI offer the Spec-Master and Chem-Master regulators from Gas-Arc. For further details please see the attached links:

Chem-Master – for toxic and corrosive grade N6.0 (99.9999) HiQ BOC Speciality Gases

Spec-Master – for high purity grade N6.0 (99.9999) HiQ BOC Speciality Gases