bipThe Air Products name “BIP” comes from one of its most important features: the “Built-In Purifier”. With its unique cylinder and valve design, BIP® technology is used to create ultra high purity gas product range.

BIP® gases are perfect for a wide variety of applications where gas purity is essential, for example as a carrier gas in gas chromatography (GC) where they improve analytical accuracy, reduce baseline noise and lower limits of detection. Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Argon are the ultra high purity gases most frequently used in a laboratory and they are all available with BIP® technology.

Legislation and tough competition have resulted in increased demand for ever more accurate and reliable analyses of a wide range of complex chemical compounds. BIP® gases have impurity levels as low as 10ppb total hydrocarbons,10ppb oxygen and 20ppb moisture, meaning BIP® gases deliver the lowest level of impurities available anywhere. BIP® gases have become the analytical standard for all applications requiring high purity gases with consistently low levels of impurities: gas chromatography, inerting, high quality welding and many others.

FTI offer the perfect range of high purity Gas Arc Spec –Master and Chem-Master Regulators for Grade N6.0 purity (99.9999) special and toxic / corrosive gases.

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Spec-Master Range

Chem-Master Range