About FTI - supplier of Ham-Let Instrumentation Valves and FittingsThe values that FTI work towards as a team are:-

  • Total customer satisfaction – Develop long term commitment and close working relationships by offering first class customer service in terms of communication, technical advice, elimination of errors and having a “friendly” working ethic.
  • Top quality products and services – Products and services that exceed customer expectations in terms of value for money and that help them drive cost savings within their business.
  • Continual Improvement Culture – Work on improving systems, removing complexity, supplier relations, staff knowledge and competences.

Mission Statement

It is FTI’s mission to deliver top quality products, technical expertise and service in order to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing a best value supply package.

We aim to develop long term commitment and close working relationships with our customers by having a professional yet friendly work ethic driven by a culture to continually improve in all that we do.

We believe that building a business based on these core company goals will allow FTI to continue to grow and enhance its reputation as one of the UK’s premium suppliers of instrumentation products and services.

Why People Buy From Us:

Price We strive to offer the best all round value for money
Quality Products chosen to match the high quality demanded by our customers
Delivery We keep our promises, and if we can’t we let you know
Reliability Products and advice that you can trust
Reputation Our experience and technical expertise often results in customer referrals
Range Comprehensive, we meet most needs
Nice people Our customers tell us that they “like the people, they know their products and they are very helpful.”
We Care How our customers view us and feel about us today decides our success or failure tomorrow

Our Products & Services

FTI’s core business is built around the supply of high quality Ham-Let instrumentation Valves & Fittings. As Ham-Let UK’s largest distributor, FTI offer a product that is directly interchangeable and intermixable with Swagelok®. Whether you are looking for twin ferrule stainless steel compression fittings, high purity HTC weld type fittings (equivalent to Swagelok® VCR®), or valves (ball valves, needle valves, metering valves, relief valves, check valves) FTI can supply the product to match your needs.

FTI also supply a wide range of brass fittings and brass valves from Ham-Let, again that are completely interchangeable and intermixable with Swagelok®

FTI offer a quality range of products to compliment the Ham-Let range: seamless stainless steel tube, an equivalent to the Stauff tube clamp, flexible metal hoses, Teflon® – lined hoses, PressureTech stainless steel pressure regulators, APTech high purity pressure regulators, Harris brass pressure regulators, flowmeters and a host of other products to enable FTI to offer you a solutions orientated portfolio.

FTI also supply a full range of accessories associated with the supply of industrial gases and scientific gases, such as flash back arrestors, shut off valves, gas bottle connectors, gas bottle stands, gas bottle racks

FTI also offer a range of KF, CF and ISO vacuum components, process products (stainless steel ball valves, pipe fittings), pneumatic equipment from SMC Pneumatics (filter regulators, push-in fittings), and tools (tube cutters, tube benders).

FTI also has the capability of manufacturing instrumentation panels and sub-assemblies. FTI also manufacture a full range of gas panels, including manual changeover gas panels and auto change over gas panels.

FTI also conduct training courses on the safe installation of twin ferrule compression fittings.

The FTI Team

Hopefully from our website you will have a good feel about the professionalism and values of FTI that we live by as a collective team, so, we thought it would also be good to give you a bit of an insight into us as individuals – so here we are in 20 words / phrases.  If you would like to make direct contact with any member of the FTI team please don’t hesitate to email us using the links below:-

Loves a challenge, highly driven and motivated. Love VW camper vans, snowboarding, surfing, canoeing, Rottweiler’s, any activity that involves the beach,gigs,raves, festivals and camping. Just being outdoors.

Emily Booker – Workshop Technician – emily@ftipv.com

Hard working and determined, gamer, rock and heavy metal fan, watching extreme sports, getting tattooed (stopped counting how many I have!), drinking nice strong coffee, spending time with family & friends, android phone and tablet fan and general gadget geek, watching documentaries , soon to be a father for the 1st time, giving our cat Sonic fuss (even if he can be an idiot), lover of all things chocolate, vegetarian (although could never give up fish, as I love smoked salmon too much!), spending cosy nights in with my wonderful girlfriend Jemima, I have a healthy fear of dentists (but always go), socialising up the pub, going on holiday (usually to Centre Parcs), not a fan of cooking (but don’t mind washing up), watching cheesy “B” movie’s, lover of all things zombie related.

James Dalby – Storeman – james@ftipv.com – 01892 669939

Hardworking, hunger for new skills and challenges, socialising with friends in clubs, bars and pubs, gym and lifesaving (not at the same time!) mixed martial arts training and competing, all types of music apart from jazz which I cannot stand. My favourite motto is “yesterday is history, tomorrows a mystery and today’s a gift.

Adam Fenner – Workshop Technician – adam@ftipv.com

I am hard-working and keen to learn new skills. Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit by going to the gym. I like socialising with friends, bars and clubs, music – R’n’B/hip-hop. I am interested in the armed forces, boxing, Discovery Channel, X-box – Call of Duty.

Joe Harrington – Production Manager – joe@ftipv.com

Love Running – I have done 3 Ultra Marathons, Dancing & Exercise Classes, Which helps with my big love of FOOD & WINE! I enjoy long Walks with our Dog Flinty -who is a very naughty rescue dog! Spending time with my friends is something I try and do often, along with the Sparkling Wine Cocktails that it almost always involves! I love good movies & books which brings me on to Waterproof mascara, Edward & Jacob, I spent most of my childhood in trees being a tomboy – having now passed this stage I have a love of Shoes and anything that Sparkles, of course last but not least my family especially my nephew Toby (Little Bear) and the love of my life Nick.

Emma Hyland – Supply Chain & Finance Manager – emma@ftipv.com – 01892 600072

Seeing my kids Matthew & Stephanie smile, The Jam & latterly the Modfather Mr Paul Weller, Liverpool FC – the Kop in full voice still makes the hairs on my neck stand on end, Make new friends but keep the old (these are silver those are gold), Cycling – road & MTB (I am a MAMIL – middle aged man in lycra – not a pretty sight), Real ale, Photography – one day I will be good at it!, Justice for the 96, Red wine – Italian Primativo (try it!), White wine – Sancerre, Can do / will do, Glass ½ full, Curry with friends, Crime novels (Mark Billingham – brilliant!), Driven to succeed, Loyal, Respectful, Dedicated, Self motivated, Italy – especially the proper pizza.

Karl Kingston – Sales & Marketing Director –karl@ftipv.com

A student for life, want to keep learning and challenging myself. Not afraid to be different, want to keep up with the new but retain appreciation for the old and the vintage. Striving for a greener, more efficient & minimalistic lifestyle. In my free time I enjoy quality coffee, baking, experimenting with new recipes, music, non-fiction literature, going to the gym, hiking, long walks by the seaside & sewing. I wish to keep travelling, discovering new cultures and learning more languages.

Kati Kuuseok – Accounts Administrator – accounts@ftipv.com – 01892 600074

Vodka lime and lemonade, sign language, clarinet player, tea addict, have an obsession with David Tennant and Beyonce, spending as much time with friends as possible, my beautiful dog Rusty, crackers and brie, dancing, high heels, the TV series Supernatural, hair straighteners, painting and drawing, all reality TV shows, chick flicks, the countryside, shopping by myself, Costa, sandy beaches, have a phobia of honey, heights and spiders.

Charlotte Pankhurst – Supply Chain Administrator – charlotte@ftipv.com – 01892 600073

Ultra competitive, Mollie & Josh , Guinness & fine red wine – in fact all red wine!, Curry & Chinese – in fact all food!, Rugby – in fact all sport (obviously apart from horse racing!), Massive waves, BBQ’s with good friends, Passionate about making this business successful, Pushing yourself to the absolute limit, A great book, Romantic, sad love songs – soppy I know, Cuddling, Hot big bubble baths, Debates amongst friends, Brain teasers, Space, Dreaming about free diving, A passionate kiss, Vale De Lobo – a beer in the sun, The Sunday Times – and the dream of having time to read it.

Andrew Parker – Managing Director –andrew@ftipv.com

Confident, friendly and helpful. Complete movie buff. Wednesday is the best day of the week. Comics and graphic novels. Tottenham Hotspur and those few moments we make the top four. Milkshakes. J.J Abrams, Joss Whedon, and the other geek kings. The people I love. Anything written by Chuck Palahniuk. Playstation 3. Mexican food. Cooking. Ebay. Jack Daniels. Going for random walks. Organisation. Dedication. Loyalty.

Dan Perrin – Internal Technical Sales – dan@ftipv.com – 01892 600078

Always striving for perfection and success. Lifesaving and Swimming fanatic (participating, teaching and coaching to national level). Travelling everywhere and anywhere and learning about new cultures. Personable and confident. Always looking for new challenges. Spending quality time with friends and family. Center Parcs (Been 20+ times!). 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer. Christmas Countdown, Christmas Morning, Christmas Presents, Christmas Cake, Christmas Crackers, Christmas day …Anything to do with Christmas!

Ben Stevens – Internal Technical Sales – ben@ftipv.com – 01892 600076