SamplingCylindersFTI’s range of high pressure gas sampling cylinders is the ideal solution for a wide array of sample collection and analysis needs. The range is designed for and used across the world in various industries, including petrochemical refineries and well sites, analytic laboratories, alternative fuel technologies, and manufacturing.

Benefits of the FTI range of sampling cylinders:

  • Seamless 316 stainless steel construction. All FTI’s sampling cylinders are made from seamless 316SS tubing, providing consistencies in wall thickness and internal volume, as well as improved integrity and corrosion resistance over standard 304SS offerings.
  • Hot spun dome and neck profiles. All FTI’s sampling cylinders are formed by a CNC-controlled hot spinning process that provides a smooth, contoured sidewall-to-neck transition that eliminates the possibility of crevices or pockets that can trap sample residuals. Further, the smooth interior surface of FTI cylinders make for easier, more effective cleanings between samples.
  • Dual female NPT threads. Tightly controlled female NPT threads are machined into both ends of the cylinders using high precision, computer-controlled milling machines. FTI sampling cylinders are available with various thread measurements in line with available industry standard valves and fittings.
  • Built to global regulatory standards. FTI sampling cylinders are designed, manufactured, tested, and inspected to the major global regulatory standards, such as U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) – range available upon request.



Standard DOT 1800 psi Cylinders

50cc to 500cc: DOT-3E (49CFR 178.42) 1000cc to 3785cc: DOT-3A (49CFR 178.36) 



Standard DOT 3000 psi Cylinders

All Sizes: DOT-3A3000 (49CFR 178.36 )



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Material Traceability:

Raw material is heat code traceable following each cylinder through manufacture, heat treating, cleaning and pressure testing.


Cylinder Manufacture Standards:

DOT CFFC, FRP-1, FRP-2, 3A, 3AA, 3AL, 3E, 3HT, 39, NGV2, FMVSS, HSE FW1/FW2, TUV, KHK, MIL-C-7905, MS26545, MIL-R-8573, EN1975, 12245 and others.

A range of T.P.E.D. (Transport Pressure Equipment Directive) approved sample cylinders are also available – contact us for further details.


1. Dimensions & tolerance per ANSI Y 14.5M

2. Cylinder manufactured and inspected in accordance with DOT’49 CFR 178.42 Specification 3E

3. Material seamless cold finished 316L Stainless Steel tubing to ASTMA269

4. Heads formed using spinning process

5. Sandblasted inside surfaces

6. Thread ends per ANSI B1.20.1

7. Manufactured free of grease, machine oil and other debris inside and out. Acid washed and rinsed with deionised water

8. Cylindrical outer surface sanded to finish

9. Destructive acceptance criteria (one cylinder per 500 lot) per DOT 3E:- Cylinder burst between 6,000 and 12,000 psi without fragmentation; or cylinder holds 12,000 psi for 30 seconds without burst and withstands flattening test to six times wall thickness without cracking.

10. Non-destructive acceptance criteria (all cylinders) per DOT 3E:- Hydrostatic proof test at 3,000 +100/- 0 psi for 30 seconds minimum without failure or evidence of defect.

To find out further information about FTI’s range of sampling cyclinders, please click here to view our pdf file.

Order Information

How to order Sampling cylinders

H-285Ham-Let H-285 Needle Valve With Rupture Disc

The H-285 forged valve body, union bonnet and knob handle with rupture disc, is designed to be mounted on our sample cylinders.

The Rupture disc provides protection against over pressure in sampling units by venting the media to the atmosphere on a certain nominal rupture values (1900 and 2850 PSI). The rupture disc element is welded to a carrier that is assembled to the valve with an O-ring seal. A rupture disc unit can be easily replaced in the field while the valve remains connected to the sampling unit.

Please see attached data sheet for further information