FTI Team ValuesThe values that FTI work towards as a team are:-

Total customer satisfaction

Develop long term commitment and close working relationships by offering first class customer service in terms of communication, technical advice, elimination of errors and having a “friendly” working ethic.

Top quality products and services

Products and services that exceed customer expectations in terms of value for money and that help them drive cost savings within their business.

Continual Improvement Culture

Work on improving systems, removing complexity, supplier relations, staff knowledge and competences.

Hopefully from our website you will have a good feel about the professionalism and values of FTI that we live by as a collective team, so, we thought it would also be good to give you a bit of an insight into us as individuals – so here we are in 20 words / phrases.

If you would like to make direct contact with any member of the FTI team please don’t hesitate to email us using the links below:-

Kati Attwood

Financial Controller – accounts@ftipv.com

A student for life. Wish to keep exploring and challenging myself. Not afraid to be different. Strive for a greener & simpler life. Appreciate the little things in life, like the smell of freshly brewed coffee and nanny’s apple pie, the adventures in story books, long summer nights and the freshness of the Scandinavian sea. I dream of discovering more countries, cultures and learning different languages

Emily Booker

Production Technician – emily@ftipv.com

Loves a challenge, highly driven and motivated. Love VW camper vans, snowboarding, surfing, canoeing, Rottweiler’s, any activity that involves the beach, gigs, raves,  festivals and camping. Just being outdoors.

James Dalby

Customer Service Representative – customerservice@ftipv.com

Hard working and determined, gamer, rock and heavy metal fan, watching extreme sports, getting tattooed (stopped counting how many I have!), drinking nice strong coffee, spending time with family & friends, android phone and general gadget geek, watching documentaries , Spending quality time with my wife Jemima and daughter Jessica, giving our cat Sonic fuss (even if he can be an idiot), lover of all things chocolate, vegetarian (although could never give up fish, as I love smoked salmon too much!), I have a healthy fear of dentists (but always go), socialising up the pub, going on holiday (usually to Centre Parcs), not a fan of cooking (but don’t mind washing up), watching cheesy “B” movie’s, lover of all things zombie related.

Jemima Dalby

Accounts Administrator – accounts@ftipv.com

I love crafting of most sorts, Animals, Reading, but wish I had more time too, spending time with my family, spending time and playing with my daughter Jessica, seeing friends, Country Music, Baking with daughter, Going to the gym, Summer time, love spending time with my husband as adults! Getting tattooed, working hard, my cat Sonic, Love spending time with my gorgeous Nephew, Love watching films but don’t get much chance.

Jackie Gavin

Stores & Logistics – logistics@ftipv.com

Live to work, strive for perfection, learn something new every day.  Love cats (our’s is a little black number called KittyRaRa), chocolate, Devon, Cornwall (or anywhere by the sea).  Spending time with the grandchildren and then giving them back! Jigsaw puzzles, music, gardening (plant it, wait until it dies and then plant something else).  Motor racing, motorbikes, and most sports (excepting rugby, football and cricket). Fresh air, autumn, winter and spring.  When the going gets tough, I go fishing!


Joe Harrington

Production Manager – joe@ftipv.com

Favourite quote ‘work hard in silence, let success make the noise’. Interests and hobbies: Fitness training/weightlifting, Socialising with friends and family (favourite alcohols are fruity ciders and amaretto), Discovery channel (Bear Grylls and also his books, Mythbusters and any other interesting documentaries to do with science, military and survival. Interested In the armed forces especially the Royal Marines, RAF and the various special forces. I have always wanted to become a reservist one day. Fan of cars, especially VW (proud owner of a Golf) also love Top Gear (the Jeremy Clarkson version). Films TV and entertainment: Netflix (breaking bad, prison break, the unit, orange is the new black, the killing), any films of Will Smith, Tom Hanks and can’t forget Arnold Schwarzenegger. Comedy (Lee Evans, Micky Flanagan, Jimmy Carr, Keith Lemon)

Karl Kingston

Sales & Marketing Director – karl@ftipv.com

Love seeing my kids smile and watching them grow (although it makes you realise just how quick time goes), managing to find some quality time with my wife, The Jam & Paul Weller, Liverpool FC – the Kop in full voice still makes the hairs on my neck stand on end, Make new friends but keep the old (these are silver those are gold), Cycling, Real ale, Photography, Justice for the 96, Red wine – Italian Primitivo (try it!), White wine – Sancerre, Hendricks G&T, Can do / will do, Curry with friends, Crime novels, Driven to succeed, Loyal, Respectful, Dedicated, Self motivated, Italy – especially the proper pizza.

Chris Kozak

Internal Technical Sales – chris@ftipv.com

My ideal: Spending time with my wife and 2 children, Lilly and Honza, Motor Racing tried it myself at Santa Pod, Love  Japanese Cars, and I will one day turn up in a Toyota Supra, generally working on cars (until they annoy me), Croatia – scenery, sun and history, Czech Republic – my second home (and the only place to get a decent pint), Tennis which I played to county level until early teens, Football (Man United), Sci-Fi films, PS4, Documentaries (historical), writing poetry, walks by the beach, life needs a soundtrack, a glass of Whisky, and  a cigar, communication – is the key, determination – never give up, impossible is nothing.

Chris Lee

Production Technician 

TV and films: Sci-fi, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Big Bang Theory, Top Gear, Plebs. Astronomy, computer games (COD, world of tanks, plant V zombies, Minecraft) , music (Lily Allen), swimming, golf, running, cycling, air shows, making things (RC models (boats, tanks, cars)), engineering.

Carl Lewin

Operations Director – carl@ftipv.com

Enjoys church and family time. Red wine and whisky (not in the same glass!). Vegetarian. Modern classic cars and Landrover Defenders. Steam railways. Cornwall.  Favourite  TV programs: Delivery Man, The Trip.  Gavin and Stacey. Best movies: Pretty Woman, Big and Abba movie. Likes a challenge (but not too many) and passionate about delivering a customer service experience that is second to none.

Andrew Parker

Managing Director – andrew@ftipv.com

Sian, Mollie, Josh  & Humphrey of course, Guinness & fine red wine – in fact all red wine!, Curry & Chinese – in fact all food!, Rugby – in fact all sport (obviously apart from horse racing!), Massive waves, BBQ’s with good friends, Always wanting to be just a bit better, A great book, Romantic, Sad love songs – soppy I know, Cuddling, Brain teasers, Dreaming about free diving, A passionate kiss, Vale De Lobo – my perfect place, The Sunday Times – and the dream of having time to read it.

Stuart Payton

Business Development Manager – stuart@ftipv.com

Freshly ground coffee, archery – come to the Dark Side, we have cookies. Watching international rugby, cider, red wine. Gadgets, I am not too old, I was the original gamer, ZX Spectrum, move over you young pretenders. Blowing away the cobwebs on the South coast with my family and rescue Lurcher (a proper dog). Roast Chicken for Sunday lunch, with my crispy roast potatoes, secret process, ask me I might tell you.  Crying with laughter at the Count Arthur Strong Radio Show, listen to “Piccalilli” or “Murder Most Fouled” episodes. Music I must have music wherever possible, I have a very eclectic taste.  Very customer focused, loyal, dry sense of humour, pride myself in finding the right solution for customers.


Colin Smithers

Internal Technical Sales – colin@ftipv.com

Lola my daughter, laughter, cycling, running, beer (Shandy’s because I’m a big girl), Manly beard, organised, professional, good listener, helpful, watching films, drinking tea, socialising, playful nature, watching football, cooking and eating food, shopping, going on holidays, Southwold, Sri Lanka, Dedicated to 110% customer satisfaction, talking to people.


Ian Willison

Materials & Production Planner – ian@ftipv.com

Paula, Alex, Anna and Jasper the dog. My man cave and the beer I brew from scratch within it. OCD (Obsessive Car Detailer) I just love that shiny period until our weather wrecks it (although, rain means beading!). Nearly all sports, but particularly football, rugby, athletics, tennis and swimming . Assistant manager for my sons football team. Competitive, formula 1, superbikes, pretty much all motor sports. Guylian shell chocolates, Curry’s with a bit of bite! BBQ’s, especially my rotisserie. Skiing, I don’t fall often but when I do it’s normally spectacular. Walking with or without family / dog, time to appreciate things more. Physical geography. Space and contemplating that we aren’t alone. A “7 habits” ambassador. I want to be the person my dog already thinks I am.