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Gas Regulators and Associated Products

Gas Regulators From FTIFTI have chosen to work with three of the key regulator manufacturers, each recognised as a high quality supplier in their specific areas of expertise.

FTI recommend Gas-Arc (part of the multi-million pound Colfax Group) Regulators for a range including general purpose brass gas bottle regulators, standard through to high purity single stage regulators, two stage regulators and point of use nickel plated brass regulators. Gas-Arc also has a range of more specialist regulators for use with laser cutting and extremely high flow applications.

For our range of instrumentation and process stainless steel regulators FTI work in partnership with the UK manufacturer (to ISO9001) Pressure Tech. FTI supply a high quality range of regulators including: single stage stainless steel regulators, two stage stainless steel regulators, piston sensed regulators (for high outlet pressures), back pressure regulators and heated regulators FTI can offer stainless steel regulators for all applications.  Other alloys are available on request.

FTI is the UKs largest distributor of Pressure Techs extensive range of high quality stainless steel pressure regulators for use on gas and liquid applications. The ability to work closely with customers, and listen to their specific needs, has helped FTI & Pressure Tech ensure the design of products that provide accurate control to their systems, with long term reliability in service.

For our high purity range of regulators FTI are the UK's largest distributor of the market leading brand AP Tech (also known as Advanced Pressure Technology and part of the SMC Pneumatics Group) who manufacture a wide array of products used within the semiconductor and high purity markets offering VCR® ended and weld ended regulators of the highest quality. AP Tech prides itself in the quality and cleanliness of its manufacturing process, all geared up to the super critical supply of high quality products aimed primarily at the semi-conductor industry.


Associated Accessories

FTI also offer a full range of accessories for use with regulators.

These include Flowmeters, High Pressure Flexible Gas Hoses, Pressure Gauges, Flash Back Arrestors, Safety Relief Valves and Gas Cylinder Connectors.

Gas Cylinder Connectors

Cylinder connectors are used for connecting various items of gas handling equipment directly to a high pressure gas cylinder or gas bottle. The actual connection varies depending on the gas in the cylinder and is designated by a code (BS, DIN or CGA Connection Number).

Cylinder connectors consist of a nut and nipple and in some cases require a washer for sealing purposes. Refer to the technical information section in the FlipBook / PDF linked on the left hand side of this web page for further details.

FTI offers cylinder connections in a variety of configurations and materials:

•Full range of products - cylinder connectors, cap nuts, gasket adaptors
•Upstream connection fits all standards - CGA, DIN, BS
•Downsteam connections - butt weld, NPT, face seal glands
•Materials of construction - 316L stainless steel, brass, chrome plated brass
•Customised solutions on request

FTI also manufacture a special connector that converts the 3/8 outlet from most regulators to either 1/4 or 1/8 tube stub. Click here for more details.


FTI offers a range of variable area flowmeters manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2000 with calibration traceable to national standards.

The FTI flowmeter range comes in range of sizes and mounting options and will give an instantaneous flow rate to virtually any liquid or gas.

Typical applications for the range include analytical instrumentation, gas flow control, small dosing systems, purge metering, leak detection and blending systems. The range has been used in many varied applications including: brewing, gas analysis, pharmaceutical, aerospace, pulp and paper, oil and gas etc etc.

Pressure Gauges

FTI offer a wide range of pressure gauges with scales available for 0-1000 bar.

FTI's range covers all options for any media that is gaseous or liquid (including aggressive media) but not highly viscous or crystallising. The pressure gauges can be bottom (lower) mount or centre back mount or supplied with bezels and panel mounted.

The pressure gauges can be liquid filled for applications with high dynamic pressure pulsations or vibrations.

Gas Cylinder Bottle Brackets

FTI offer a range of gas cylinder brackets for the safe storage and safe usage of high pressure gas cylinders.
FTI offer a bench mounting cylinder bracket suitable for gas bottles from 4-14 inches in diameter and a range of wall mounted gas cylinder brackets that will hold 1 to 4 bottles with diameters of 4-12 inches.

Flash Back Arrestors (Flame Arrestors)

FTI flashback arrestors are used to protect single cylinders, outlet points or pipelines and can be used for almost all technical gases.

By combination of established safety elements flashback arrestors provide protection against flashbacks and backfire. Flashback arrestors also prevent the formation of dangerous gas mixtures within the pipeline.

FTI's range of flashback arrestors meet all relevant standards(EN730/ISO5175-1)with the according tests from licensing offices such as the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing). A 100% product control assures highest quality.

The flashback arrestors are mountable in any orientation and are available with all connections and in brass or stainless steel. High-quality materials and filters in the gas inlet provide long service life of FTI flashback arrestors.

Safety Relief Valves

FTI safety relief valves protect against over pressure by venting excess gases from pipelines, gas receivers and other equipment.

The spring-loaded, direct action relief valves are suitable for individual opening pressures from 0.07 to 1 435 psi.

The compact size allows easy installation in any orientation. A dust cap protects the safety relief valves against dirt.

FTI safety relief valves are available in brass or stainless steel, as ventable version, and with or without condensation outlet.

Diaphragm & Needle Valves

FTI supply a range of diaphragm and needle valves for when more than just pressure control is needed from a gas regulator.

FTI's range offers precise metering of flow or just a simple on/off control. They can be used as a process isolation valve which can be used for purging, gas control panels or other gas control systems.

The valves can be supplied as multi-turn or quarter turn instrument shut off valves. The quarter turn valves have the advantage of offering a visual indication of valve position resulting in greater safety, less operator error and potential gas usage savings.

The FTI range of diaphragm and needle valves are available in both brass and stainless steel.

These are used where a shut off feature or some degree of throttling or shut off is required. 


Tech – Master High Pressure Flexible Gas Bottle Hoses

flexible-gas-bottle-hoses.pngThe Gas -Arc Tech-Master high pressure flexible hoses are manufactured to conform to the requirements of BS EN ISO 14113. Available in a range of lengths from 600 mm to 3600 mm, the hoses also come with a wide range of end connections to suit most applications.

The high pressure flexible hoses are manufactured in three forms dependent upon the gas service required, oxygen and oxygen mixtures, acetylene and all other non-corrosive industrial gases. All hoses are fitted with an anti-whip cable as standard to ensure total safety in the event of a hose failure or accidental damage. 



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